In an announcement last night at GDC, publisher Electronic Arts confirmed that the beloved city building simulator, SimCity, will be returning to the PC in 2013. Adding to the already excellent news is that Maxis will be developing the game, making this the first Maxis-developed SimCity game in nearly ten years.

The game will run on a new engine called GlassBox. According to the official website, GlassBox allows for a number of simulations to run at once, meaning that you’ll get “the power to impact individual Sims lives, manage city level simulation, and balance multiple city simulations at once”. You’ll also be able to customise your buildings by adding new sections to them – such as adding a gymnasium to an already existing school campus.

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According to the senior VP for Maxis, Lucy Bradsahw: “We’re building a simulation that really captures the world we live in today, where your decisions go beyond the boundaries of the city.” This means that multiplayer will also be featured. The way you run your city will impact the cities of your friends online. What’s more, the way you all run your shared region will make an impact on the entire online SimCity world. You’ll be able to pool resources to man space missions, and send fire trucks to help each other in the event of disasters.

Sources: and Joystiq
Via: Twitter

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