There’s no honour amongst hackers

Cast your mind back to mid-2011 and you might be able to recall a spate of online security breaches that affected Sony, Nintendo, BioWare, Minecraft and Electronic Arts’ Battlefield Heroes, to name a few. Those hacks were courtesy of sanctimonious hacking group LulzSec, who claimed to be bringing down websites and exposing people’s private information and contact details in order to highlight how bad security is on certain websites.

LulzSec’s online reign of irritation and inconvenience lasted for fifty days, at which point they disbanded and rode off into the digital sunset. At about that time, however, international authorities were knee-deep in investigations regarding the group. Those investigations paid off because they tracked down and secretly arrested the leader of LulzSec in June last year.

The head of LulzSec, whose real name is Hector Xavier Monsegur, has since sung like a canary and has assisted the FBI in tracking down the remaining LulzSec leadership.

On Monday this week, international authorities around the world rounded up the five remaining LulzSec leaders and arrested them. Those arrested include: Ryan Ackroyd and Jake Davis who are both from London; Darren Martyn  and Donncha O’Cearrbhail who are both from Ireland; and Jeremy Hammond who is from Chicago.

In related news: hacker collective LulzSec issued a statement today saying that they’re no longer concerned with lax online security, citing real-world security (such as cell bars and armed guards) as “the new hacking frontier”. The team has traded their laptops and ADSL connections for prison jumpsuits and nail files hidden in cakes.

Source: Kotaku