Got 7 minutes to kill? Watch this!

Quantic Dream is the development team behind critically acclaimed games such as Fahrenheit and Heavy Rain; the latter being one of the most unique outings this generation of consoles has seen. The development team managed to get some really compelling performances from digital actors during Heavy Rain, but their latest tech demo, dubbed “Kara” is even more astounding.

Shown off during a GDC panel discussing the merits of digital actors in games, the tech demo is very impressive. Sure, it has nothing to do with an actual game (which is a pity because the subject matter looks like it’d make for a rather emotionally charged title) but it gives you a good idea of the quality of work Quantic Dream is capable of.

What makes this all the more enticing is that the tech demo is already a year old. It’s also running in real-time on the PlayStation 3. As exciting as that is, it all pales in significance next to just how utterly convincing this character is. At one point, I might have been dangerously close to tearing up. Check it out after the jump.

Via: Joystiq

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