In a statement issued to Kotaku, Peter Molyneux has announced that he is leaving his development studio Lionhead and will be stepping down from the position of creative lead for Microsoft Studios in Europe. Molyneux started Lionhead Studios in 1997, with 2001’s god game Black & White being the first title the studio released. Five years later, Lionhead was purchased by Microsoft and in 2009 Molyneux was promoted to creative lead for Microsoft Studios Europe.

Molyneux is leaving Lionhead and Microsoft in order to pursue new independent ventures. In an announcement made via his Twitter account, Molyneux said that the new venture was an independent game development studio dubbed 22 Cans.

Despite leaving Lionhead and Microsoft, Molyneux will be finishing up work on upcoming Kinect title Fable: The Journey. As the Fable series is a Microsoft-owned IP, The Journey will likely be the last Fable game which involves Molyneux. What exactly Molyneux has planned for his new studio is unknown, but here’s hoping it has something to do with the technology displayed in the now very dead Milo and Kate project.

Source: Kotaku

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