Say hello to BioShock Infinite’s Motorized Patriot

He’s not exactly the Big Daddy that we’ve come to know and love, but BioShock Infinite’s Motorized Patriot will probably do a good job filling those massive, weighted diving-suit shoes. This new enemy type has just been revealed by Irrational Games, and the Motorized Patriot is part of a category that creative director Ken Levine refers to as “Heavy Hitters”. Over the coming weeks you can expect to be introduced to more of these “Heavy Hitters”.

The Motorized Patriot was one of the enemy concept types that immediately spoke to Levine and the rest of the team. It all began with an “amazing piece of concept art, which is basically exactly the character you see, this robotic creature with this cracked porcelain creepy George Washington head and the flags on the back. As soon as I saw that I was like, okay, we’ve got to do this guy. He’s awesome.”

You can see him in action after the jump.

Despite being armed with a chaingun that’s been dubbed “the pepper-mill”, the Motorized Patriot isn’t just a killing machine – the unit actually has a societal role to play in the floating city of Columbia. According to Levine, you might see the Motorized Patriots cropping up in certain places, acting as a “tour guide at a museum [or] a greeter at a street fair.”

Booker will be able to hack the Motorized Patriot and use it to his advantage in combat. Furthermore, defeating one of these guys will mean you’ll be able to pick up his “pepper-mill” chaingun – this, according to Levine, is the only way to get hold of one of these heavy weapons.


It’ll be up to you find each Heavy Hitter’s weak spot and exploit it. The Motorized Patriot’s weakness is the collection of gears on its back. Fortunately the mechanized death-dealer turns very slowly so you’ll be able to flank it and hit it from behind. Attacking it head-on will result in your instant perforation.

The next Heavy Hitter will be revealed on 13 March – we’ll keep you informed.

Source: Eurogamer