If there was any doubt in your mind about developer Rovio swimming in money (and honestly, if you doubt that then you might need to pay more attention) then let this new promotional clip for upcoming mobile game Angry Birds Space expel any lingering concerns.

The creators of Angry Birds, along with NASA, have made a promotional clip and trailer for Angry Birds Space. The clip has been filmed in actual space, starring actual astronaut Don Pettit who throws Angry Bird plushies around the actual International Space Station.

This isn’t the first time that developers have done insane, space-themed promotional stunts. Richard Garriott went into space and took along a hard drive crammed with DNA data from various players and celebrities; that was done to promote the failed MMO Tabular Rasa. Somehow I think Rovio’s Angry Birds Space will fare better. Hit the jump for the clip starring slightly awkward space nerd Don Pettit.


Source: Joystiq

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