Way back in 2010, developer Crytek announced that their Seoul-based team was knee-deep in developing a freemium online shooter called Warface. Initially it was meant for Korean and “other Asian markets” but that seems to have changed.

The game has been given a shiny new trailer that reveals each of the class types available to you. It’s all pretty standard stuff, with medics, riflemen, engineers and snipers making appearances. Still, it all looks very pretty considering the whole shebang is running off CryENGINE 3.

Hit the jump for the usual bullets, splosions and burly men in army get-up. Watch out for the sizable helping of cheese with my personal favourite line being: “if you want easy, you picked the wrong side!” (Cringe.)


If a very pretty freemium shooter is your thing, then head over to the official website to register.

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