Battlefield 3: Close Quarters in action

The first of three upcoming DLC expansions for DICE’s phenomenal gun-shooting/jet-crashing simulator Battlefield 3 now has a trailer. This expansion, dubbed Close Quarters, focuses on infantry-only action, with tighter map design, a host of new weapons and more on its list o’ features. Watching the trailer obviously kindles thoughts of that other modern military shooter with tight map design and an infantry-only focus. The kicker is that with Frostbite 2 and its environmental destruction, things are obviously much, much more explosive and covered in rubble. Makes me think of the original Red Faction. Just without, y’ know, Mars.

Delve deeper for a little info on the other two expansions, as well as the trailer of Close Quarters in all its destructible glory.

After Close Quarters lands in June, we’ve then got Armored Kill and End Game to look forward to later in the year. Armored Kill, as the name suggests, is all about the vehicles. There’ll reportedly be new tanks, ATVs and mobile artillery (this excites us). Most importantly, the expansion will also include “the biggest map in Battlefield history.” Considering the immense size of the maps this franchise has boasted in the past, this should be interesting.

Finally, there’s End Game. And it’s going to do and bring and add… something. Unfortunately, details on End Game are being kept under lock and key for the time being, but we’ll obviously learn more about it as the year shuffles onwards.

Now, as promised: the trailer for Close Quarters.