MAAAAAX PAAAAAYNE! and his visual effects

For the next video in Max Payne 3‘s “design and technology” series (the other two are here and here), Rockstar shows off visual effects and cinematic storytelling. Those certainly are some pretty visual effects, and that’s certainly some cinematic storytelling.

I particularly like the in-engine take on the graphic novel-style narrative devices from the original games. Those graphic novels were striking, sure, but so are these in their own, text-splattered way. It shows off Max’s flashbacks as well, how happenings in the present send his mind (and us) back to his time in New York before making his way to Brazil. It looks like Max Payne. It walks like Max Payne. It talks like Max Payne. It explodes in slow-mo like Max Payne. I think it’s safe to say that Max Payne 3 is unquestionably Max Payne, even without Remedy. The multiplayer sounds delightful as well, and the special edition is drool-worthy.

Click past the break for the video, and there’s more stuff for your eyes to watch over there, and in this.