BT Games launch new eXperience stores

BT Games will be launching their new concept stores in Cape Town towards the end of next week. Blue Route and Tygervalley will be the first of their kind in South Africa, with Blue Route opening on 29 March and Tygervalley on Saturday 31 March, with roll‐outs through the year in Johannesburg, Pretoria and Durban.

They’re being called “XL” stores, and have received support from local distributors such as Megarom Interactive, Electronic Arts, Ster Kinekor, Microsoft, Nintendo, Apex Interactive and Blowfish Investments. So expect to see areas dedicated to Magic The Gathering, Wii, PS3, Xbox, PC plus loads of other innovative features as well as pre‐release game play evenings, competitions, and midnight launches.

“This year we will be launching new concept stores with the emphasis of providing the consumer with an
interactive gaming experience, prior to purchase. These stores will become our premier signature stores and will
be strategically positioned to service larger areas than our current stores. The concept is to blend an interactive
online experience into retail therapy! Since Gaming is all about an entertainment experience, we believe the
ability to experience the product prior to purchase is a necessity. Although the consumer will still be able to
browse games as in our existing stores they will now also be able to browse our games and experience the game play interactively within the retail environment. In other words instead of just picking up a game off the shelf, customers will actually experience the game on an interactive touch screen, view trailers and read all the latest gaming news”, said Shannon Rogotzki, Operations Director for BT Games in South Africa.