Soul Calibur V 1.02 Patch Notes


When you’re knee-deep in a game, patch notes matter. Am I right, World of Warcraft players? Call of Duty players? Battlefield 3 players? All those changes/fixes/buffs/nerfs matter, because let’s face it. You care. You care if your favorite character/gun/class is being adjusted. Everyone prays to the god of Buffs, hoping to be overlooked by the devil of Nerfs.

The official 1.02 Patch Notes for Soul Calibur V are out, detailing the changes being applied on Tuesday. It’s a pretty extensive list, and best viewed over at 8wayrun. Here’s a brief summary though: Most characters got damage nerfs, major holes in the battle system were plugged (such as certain characters not recovering their guard burst damage between rounds), and the “shot” glitch has been fixed.