BioShock Infinite’s Boys of Silence

BioShock Infinite is out in October. Sweet mother of all things gaming, that feels like an eternity away. While we wait, let’s watch Ken Levine and company discuss the idea behind some new “Heavy Hitters” that you’ll be battling in this new, floaty, non-water-filled BioShock: the Boys of Silence. They’re blind, but are still able to hear you. Your choice: to sneak by them or engage them directly. Choose the latter and the Boys of Silence could bring all manner of hell down on Booker’s (and your) head by calling in reinforments with a horrifying shriek that I’m sure is going to replay in my nightmares later tonight. Thanks, Irrational.

Below you’ll also find a similar video for the Handyman, complete with concept art showing what this tragic foe might have ended up looking like in this furiously anticipated game. You can also find the original Heavy Hitters video, showing off some footage of the Mechanized Patriot, right here.