The Witcher 2’s Enhanced Edition enhancements in motion

One of the best games of last year (and one of the finest RPGs in gaming’s history, in my opinion) is headed to Xbox 360 this April. It’s exciting times for anyone who longed to experience this formerly PC exclusive gem, but had not the box o’ hardware to do so. On the same day as the console release (April 17th), anyone who’s already purchased the PC version of the game will be able to upgrade to the “Enhanced Edition” via a free download.

It’s adding a whole bunch of content to the game, which you’ll spot in the Enhanced Edition trailer embedded beyond the jump. Be advised people: the trailer is really not safe for work, because boobs and naked-osity, albeit briefly. I’d hate for you to have to explain your perverted viewing to your boss/mom/dad/concerned co-workers because you failed to heed that there warning. Just sayin’.