Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition headed straight to your iPad

Fresh from the press office of Beamdog and Overhaul Games comes the confirmation that their now rather highly-anticipated HD remake of Baldur’s Gate is coming to an iPad near you. Perhaps it’s your mom’s iPad, or your spoilt sibling’s, or maybe you decided to be a cool guy and get an Android tablet because everyone told you it was for gaming, and now you’ll have to use your shmarmy friend’s iPad because he’s the one who told you Android tablets are better for gaming. Whatever your iPad situation may be, be sure that you have one with you the next time you board a 20-hour flight or get stuck at grandma’s for the weekend, because there’s no better way to soak up spare (or not so spare) time than with an RPG like Baldur’s Gate. Or actually Baldur’s Gate… you get the idea.

The iPad version of Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition will be available from the App Store in Q3 of this year.

Two more pics of a man relaxing while playing BGEE on his iPad can be yours once you click to read more.


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