Leaked AC3 screens show canoes and beavers

Assassin’s Creed III is this little game that Ubisoft has been quietly tinkering away on for the last few years. It’s coming out in October this year and stars a brand new assassin called Connor who is half British and half Native American.

Since the game’s premature reveal, thanks to an initial leak courtesy of Best Buy, there’s been a rather persistent trickle of information regarding the game. The fact that ninety percent of the information revealed so far has been because of leaks is neither here nor there.

Now we get this new batch of six screenshots that have skipped an embargo date by a couple of days and wound up on NeoGAF. You can find them all after the jump, including one that shows Connor taking a relaxing paddle in a canoe surrounded by a bunch of beavers – it’s not as dirty as it sounds, you perverts.

Source: NeoGAF
Via: Joystiq