According to a Dutch website called PSFocus, developer Human Head’s upcoming sci-fi FPS, Prey 2, has probably been cancelled. We say “probably” because PSFocus doesn’t sound very certain, despite saying they have “different reliable sources”.

Adding fuel to the fire is that the Prey 2 presentation at last month’s GDC was, at the last minute, cancelled by publisher Bethesda. Various websites, including Game Informer, have reached out to Bethesda for comment and have received “no comment” in reply.

If you’re in the mood for being pessimistic, cast your minds back a few weeks to when rumours of Doom 4’s cancellation were doing the rounds. That rumour lasted a few days until Bethesda confirmed that development was carrying on as normal. The fact that the same publisher has now issued a “no comment” on the Prey 2 cancellation rumours is a little disconcerting. There’s supposedly more news coming this week; we’ll keep you updated.

Source: PSFocus
Via: Game Informer

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