Kraken good rum: a bit o’ fresh Risen 2 footage

I haven’t played Risen. Not because I didn’t want to, mind you: there was just no time to spend on it and it just slipped by, not really doing anything that would’ve forced me to pay attention to it. I know people who have dipped into its role-playing depths, however, and seemed to enjoy its buggy RPG charms and apparent quirkiness.

Risen 2: Dark Waters wants the pirate’s life, and it looks to be doing a good job of it as well, if the trailer below is any indication. It’s filled with Krakens and rum and ships and cannons and cutlass waving and other pirate-type stuff that’s important for any game that goes about labelling itself as a “pirate RPG.” There’s talk of destiny and hope and all that jazz in there as well, so there’s that. It’s actually looking quite good. Very, very pretty too. I reckon I’ll have to force myself to pay some real attention to this one when it comes out in April/May. Here, have a look at the official site.