Rumour: New Xbox Loop console to take on Apple TV

According to the online super-sleuth MS Nerd (the same guy who outed the codenamed “Xbox Loop” a while ago) Microsoft will be releasing a smaller, stripped down version of the Xbox 360. The unit is probably the one that codename Loop was referring to back in November last year. According to MS Nerd, it will be ARM-powered, have no optical drive, and will instead focus on “Arcade-style games” and Kinect apps.

The unit will supposedly be out towards the end of 2013 and will be priced similarly to the Apple TV media streamer, which is around $100 or just over R1000 here in South Africa. As far as the true successor to the Xbox 360 is concerned, Microsoft has reiterated that they have no reveals planned for this year’s E3. MS Nerd believes that we’ll only see the new Xbox after this so-called “Xbox Lite” launches next year.

It’s difficult to judge the validity of this, so take it with a pinch of salt. It doesn’t seem that unlikely and would probably be a good way for Microsoft to further penetrate the casual market. Would you want a stripped down, dedicated Xbox media streamer in your lounge? Maybe you wouldn’t, but that’s likely because you already have an Xbox 360. For those who are more into casual gaming, a competitively priced media streamer with links to Xbox Live Arcade and a host of casual Kinect apps just might be quite enticing.

Source: Reddit & TechRadar
Via: Joystiq

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