UK GAME stores closing, thousands lose jobs

At the end of February it was reported that GAME stores across the UK and other European territories were in a bit of a pickle. Owing to sudden changes in credit agreements between suppliers and the retail company, the franchise’s future looked a little uncertain. Late last week the GAME Group entered administration with PricewaterhouseCoopers, which means they’re pretty much bankrupt.

On Monday this week, GAME Group sent official instructions to 277 of their UK stores, telling all staff members to cease trading. This has resulted in redundancies amongst the group’s staff body, resulting in more than 2000 people losing their jobs. In response to this, GAME stores across Ireland have begun sit-in protests with staff refusing to leave stores; they believe they were entitled to 30 days notice before being made redundant.

GAME Group, under the control of PwC, is currently searching for an investor so as to negate the need for further closures. If unsuccessful, the franchise will close for good and one of the largest gaming markets in the world will be without a specialist retail video game store.

Sources: Gamasutra & Eurogamer