Angry people are angry in this Game of Thrones trailer

We’re slightly obsessed with Game of Thrones here in the NAG office. Not all of us have read the novels, but almost all of us have fallen in love with the TV show’s incestuous backstabbing and trickery. We’re weird like that.

With this in mind, we’re cautiously optimistic about the Game of Thrones RPG, in development over at Cyanide (they of Blood Bowl, A Game of Thrones: Genesis and, erm, Pro Cycling Manager fame). That’s mostly because this franchise deserves nothing less than excellence, which it hasn’t really gotten from our favourite form of entertainment, at least not yet. Perhaps this is the game that’ll be worthy of its namesake.

Enter the trailer below, in which people get stabbed in the neck, men slash at each other with swords, angry folks yell angrily at each other and more exciting things happen. Very little sense is made, and as such I’ve no idea what’s going on, but that shouldn’t stop you from giving it a watch.

Go on then.