At long last, Fez gets a release date and price

If you listen really closely you’ll hear some shrieks of excitement off in the distance; that would be me because after almost five years of waiting, Fez finally has a release date. The best part about this is that the release date is just two weeks away.

Fez will hit Xbox LIVE Arcade on Friday 13 April for 800 MS Points. The news comes via an epilepsy-inducing piece of artwork over on the developer and publisher’s website – a website we’ve been keeping an eye ever since Polytron tweeted that the game had been certified by Microsoft.

The perspective-shifting retro platformer featured in an extensive indie game feature we ran in the March 2012 issue of NAG. In the game you play as a little 2D bloke called Gomez who discovers that the world around him is actually 3D.

Source: Polytron