Get your Max Payne 3 multiplayer footage right here

As part of their “Design and Technology Series,” Rockstar has released footage of Max Payne 3‘s multiplayer action in motion. It’s packed with explosions, a steady stream of bullets (in slow motion, obviously) and other action-y, shooter-type stuff – but it’s also interspersed with knowledge bombs revealing how Rockstar managed to successfully integrate the Bullet Time mechanic into the game’s multiplayer, as well as two of the game modes featured in the game.

Honestly, it looks brilliant. The last game I can remember that successfully shoved a slow-mo mechanic into its multiplayer component was F.E.A.R., and that was an absolute blast. It looks to be even better implemented here, with only players in your line of sight entering Bullet Time alongside you whenever you use it. See for yourself below the break. And don’t forget to pick up NAG‘s April issue, where we’ve written words about our impressions of the game after getting some hands-on time with it. The digital edition of our April issue is over on Zinio right now.