New SimCity will need constant internet connection

So there’s a new SimCity hitting the PC in 2013. That’s still quite a way away, but the flip side is that it gives you some time to sort out ADSL, because you’re going to need it. Taking a leaf out of Ubisoft’s delightful always-on, PC DRM measures, Maxis has revealed that SimCity will require a permanent Internet connection in order to play.

But wait, because nobody mentioned anything about DRM (except for me, in that last sentence)! According to the game’s lead designer, Stone Librande, the always-on Internet requirement is for the multiplayer aspects inherent in the game. As was previously revealed, the way you run your city will impact the way other people’s cities run in your shared regions. The way regions are collectively run will in turn influence the entire SimCity online community. Obviously this sort of multiplayer requires a constant connection.

It’s also been confirmed that you’ll be able to pick up digital copies of SimCity from digital stores other than EA’s Origin. Exactly which stores are included has not been revealed, but what has been mentioned is that irrespective of which store you buy from, you will still need to be logged into Origin in order to play.

Source: Joystiq