SimCity 5 won’t actually require always-on Internet

Earlier this week we reported  that the new SimCity scheduled for launch in 2013 would require always-on Internet.

As it turns out, we’re big filthy liars, and the game will not actually require a constant Internet connection to play. In a chat with GameSpy, EA clarified the matter, stating that you will need an Internet connection to install and activate the game. You will also need to have an active connection to start the game, but if your connection drops while you’re playing, you won’t be kicked.

It still kind of sucks that you will need an Internet connection to launch the game, but it’s not quite as bad as some of the systems enforced by other publishers (hey, Ubisoft!).

SimCity will supposedly launch on a variety of digital distribution platforms, but you will require an EA Origin account to install and play it.