Tech: Gainward officially releases the Phantom GTX680

I told you earlier this week that Gainward doesn’t do things half-way. Their Phantom series is no exception, taking high-end GPUs and reversing their fans and fans. Gainward’s custom coolerd on their Phantom models have the fan sitting underneath the heatsink fins, pushing air up and to the back of the card. This dissipates more heat and allows the use of a slower fan for quieter operation. Gainward has specified clock rates of 1084Mhz stock, 1150 for the max Boost Clock and 1575Mhz for the memory clock. While similar to the Palit card I showed you earlier, this takes up only two PCI slots, and will easily allow for Quad SLI in a chassis with adequate cooling at the front and back. Pricing hasn’t been confirmed, but its sure to retail for a premium of about R500 to R800 more than stock versions.






Source: Fudzilla