New story content DLC leaked for Batman: Arkham City

It looks as if we’ve got some more DLC heading in our direction for last year’s Batman: Arkham City. The content was outed earlier by website PS3Trophies, which managed to get hold of a list of Trophies that will be appearing in the yet to be revealed DLC.

Judging by the descriptions of the Trophies, the new DLC will focus on Robin and Harley Quinn in a new story mode expansion to Arkham City. Our guess is that Harley starts causing problems and it’s up to Robin to sort things out – quite considerate of him seeing as how Bats needs some well-deserved R and R after the game’s main campaign.

Eurogamer is reporting that the game’s publisher, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, has declined to comment on the reveal of this possible DLC, which normally indicates that somebody has let slip something they shouldn’t have. Expect an imminent reveal by the publisher – maybe even this weekend considering PAX East kicks off this Friday. Hit the jump for the Trophy list.

  • Lost Property [Bronze] – No crimefighter should be without this
  • Breaking and Entering [Bronze] – Find a way into the secret base
  • How’s It Hanging? [Silver] – Clean up the Dry Docks
  • The Last Laugh [Silver] – The joke’s on who?
  • Frequent Flyer [Bronze] – Zip Kick 3 different thugs
  • Battering Ram [Bronze] – Shield Bash 5 different thugs
  • Snap To It [Bronze] – Snap Flash an unarmed thug, an armed thug, an environmental object and a Titan
  • Bomb Squad [Bronze] – Defuse all bombs in 3 minutes or less
  • A Few New Tricks [Bronze] – Use 5 different Quickfire gadgets in one fight as Robin in Harley Quinn’s Revenge
  • Party’s Over [Silver] – Destroy all Harley Balloons


Source: Eurogamer