Razer is a company that makes something for everyone, and is currently the only mouse manufacturer in the world that still produces gaming mice for left-handed people. Sure, you get those ambidextrous ones, but as any lefty will tell you it just doesn’t feel right. Razer makes the DeathAdder in a left-handed variant, but its really only for FPS enthusiasts. What about MMO players?

At GamesCon last year where Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan showcased some upcoming products for gamers, he allowed a question-and-answer period in which a gamer stood up and said “You guys suck – you need to make a left handed Naga”. Naturally, this caused concern for Tan because they already make and market the left-handed Death Adder extensively. But a Naga, a mouse made for MMO gamers? They hadn’t thought of that one.

So he went and made a post on Facebook that promised to make and product a left-handed Naga version if the post got 10,000 “Likes” on Facebook in under four weeks. And well, he underestimated how much gamers actually wanted one – the 10,000 mark was crossed well before the week was over, and still dribbles in more comments.

So Razer has officially begun development on a Naga for lefties, and according to Tan will be released “when its finished”. Expect something later this year from Razer, with the promise of a lot more love for lefties in the future.

Source: TechpowerUp!

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