So, Suda 51 and his team over at Grasshopper Manufacture have been busy little bees of late. Since putting out the cult hit Shadows of the Damned, the studio has announced a bunch of upcoming titles ranging from the Kinect exclusive Diabolical Pitch to the super-epic-looking-zombie-cheerleader-splatterfest-of-awesome Lollipop Chainsaw. If that’s not enough, there’s also a 3DS game in the works over at Grasshopper, but that’s yet to be given a Western release date.

Now there’s one more to add to the list: Killer is Dead. The game is not a sequel to earlier Suda 51 game Killer7, but it will retain the developer’s fascination with assassins. In the game you play an Executioner whose job is to travel the world, ending the lives of “S level criminals”. We’re guessing those are the worst kind.

According to Japanese magazine Famitsu, Killer is Dead will feature sword play similar to No More Heroes. The game has only just been revealed so there’s no mention of a western publisher just yet. Don’t be surprised if Warner Bros. picks this up like they did Lollipop Chainsaw. We’ll keep you posted as soon as more details arise.

Source: Andriasang

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