Gearbox reveals fifth character class for Borderlands 2

Over the long weekend, the Penny Arcade Expo East wowed gamers from all corners of… the east of America I guess. Attendees’ origin aside, there was some pretty interesting stuff on show, including numerous panels held by developers like Gearbox. Because we at NAG are total sluts for Borderlands, we were particularly excited to hear that Gearbox announced a new character class for upcoming Borderlands 2.

The Mechromancer will be added as a fifth character class via DLC once the game has launched. The good news is that this DLC will be free to everyone who pre-orders the game. Ergo, everyone will be getting the Mechromancer gratis because everyone is so obviously going to pre-order the hell out of this game.

Hit the jump for some more concept art and further details.

The Mechromancer is a female character class who is part human and part machine, which also makes her part awesome – or totally awesome depending on you penchant for characters with metal sticking out of them.  She’ll be bringing a friend along for the ride; the huggable robot called D374-TP, or Death Trap.

In the same panel, Gearbox announced that Borderlands 2 will feature character customisation on a visual level. You’ll be able to unlock various outfits and gear by completing missions and challenges. Also, if you played Borderlands 1, you’ll get exclusive character customisation items.

If you’re yet to see Borderlands 2 in action, then head over here to allow the five minutes of glorious awesome to wash over your ocular organs.

Source: Game Informer