Over the last couple of days, Ubisoft’s guitar game Rocksmith has been causing a bit of a stir here on NAG Online. It’s only just become available in South Africa, and our very own Geometrix is keeping a diary of his experiences with the game.

It turns out, however, that Ubisoft is about to face a lawsuit due to a patent infringement. A company called Guitar Apprentice already holds a patent that allows people to plug an electric guitar into their PC and follow a series of “audio signals corresponding to a predetermined musical performance”. Ubisoft’s Rocksmith does the same thing, only you can play it on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as well.

Boy, Ubisoft hasn’t exactly had the easiest run with this game, have they? In October last year a trademark battle erupted between the publisher and an actual band called “Rocksmith”. They say things happen threes. This is the second legal row for Ubisoft and their new game, so what’ll be the third? My money is on an American suing them for losing his eye due to a guitar string snapping while he was following the in-game tuning tutorial.

Source: Patent Arcade
Via: Gamasutra

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