Did you know that Diablo III is just over a month away? Of course you knew that! You’ve been double clicking everything you touch ffoorr tthhee llaasstt ffeeww wweeeekkss iinn pprreeppoorraattiioonn.

Just in case you weren’t one of the bajillion people who got a beta key, Blizzard has begun releasing a series of character class trailers entitled “Darkness Falls. Heroes Rise.” Last week they released a video detailing the Demon Hunter – I cannot believe we didn’t post it. To make up for this oversight, we’re making Dane play Circus Charlie twice. Back-to-back.

The newest addition to the character series is the Barbarian. Hit the jump to see both character trailers. We’ll keep an eye out and post any new ones as they release over the coming weeks so as to obviate making Dane play Circus Charlie four times, back-to-back. Actually, we might just do that anyway.

[youtube]QoTWRHheshw[/youtube] [youtube]JWywyhkO2J8[/youtube]

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