News: Vista is now cut off from official updates

For those of you still in love with your Vista install, you’re not going to receive any more official support and OS updates as of yesterday. While Vista itself wasn’t that bad, mainstream support wasn’t going to last that long as Microsoft intended to only use it as a stop-gap measure to propel the industry into a new tech era with DirectX 10.

If you’re not too concerned about the end of official support, you can safely ignore this announcement. If you’re worried that you’re now going to be targeted by Lulsec, rest assured that security holes and exploits will continue to be fixed by Redmond. Extended support for Vista will end with XP’s extended term in April in the year 2014. Vista will still be supported by many publishers and developers for ages, but it didn’t receive the same love as XP or Windows 7 in a recent Steam survey – its about as popular as Apple’s OSX.

For those of you interested in finally burying an ageing dinosaur you can either move to Windows 7 or wait it out for Windows 8, due for release this year.

Source: Tom’s Hardware