Bethesda was serious – Kinect coming to Skyrim

Remember when Bethesda allowed DICE 2012 attendees to see a show reel of Skyrim additions and mods that the development team had developed just for kicks? That’s right, the one that showed cool things like kill-cams, goblins and dragon mounts. It also showed “not-sure-if-want” things like Kinect-enabled Dragon Shouts, which are now totally coming to Skyrim.

There’s no release date for this as yet, but Bethesda has released a trailer that details Kinect integration for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The predictable is there: you speaking each word in the various Dragon Shouts from the game. It looks (sounds?) a little frivolous – not to mention you having to actually learn all the words for the shouts you want to use.

Literal Dragon Shouts aside, however, there is a ton of other really cool looking Kinect stuff coming as well. No actual motion-controlled axe swinging or lame stuff like that, but rather a whole host of voice commands that look really useful. I know, I’m surprised as well and might be looking forward to this. Hit the jump to check it all out.