Although the game has technically not been announced, BioWare used the PAX East panel a few days ago to talk a bit about Dragon Age III. Without actually mentioning the words “Dragon Age III,Dragon Age lead designer Mike Laidlaw stated that the developer will “stop reusing levels”. He also said that decisions will matter, and followers will get equipment.

These, apparently, were three features which came up a lot in discussions around Dragon Age II and why everyone hated it so much.

He also confirmed that Dragon Age III will not be set in Kirkwall. “We’re looking for variety, we’re looking for space, we’re looking for scope, we’re looking for something cool, forgotten, hidden and lost,” said Laidlaw. “If we really need to go somewhere urban, let’s make sure it’s not Kirkwall. Maybe let’s go somewhere new, somewhere a little more … French.”

Laidlaw also confirmed that decisions made in previous Dragon Age games could have significant effects on the next game.

Remember kids, Dragon Age III is not a real thing, yet. Except it obviously is, but you didn’t hear that from me.

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