Do YOU have what it takes to be a part of Operation Resurgence?

The brave men and women... and... other things of Operation Resurgence.

The mission is simple – download the new Mass Effect 3 Resurgence Pack DLC (it’s free!), and hit your nearest mass relay-server this weekend to help take back Earth from strategic points around the Turian and Quarian homeworlds.

The DLC includes two new maps – Firebase Hydra and Firebase Condor – as well as six new unlockable characters, new guns, and new things. New things!

All mission participants will be issued with a special Reserves Pack, which is guaranteed to include one of the new alien classes, and there’s also a 10% XP boost on the new maps.

I’ll be leading an elite squad of counter-insurgency operatives throughout the weekend, so add me (nXtrmS) on Xbox LIVE if you want to be part of history or on a NAG gameplay video. Are those mutually exclusive? I don’t think so.

I’ve also got a multiplayer strategy guide coming next week. Get excited.