The official countdown (and barrels of mega excite) started this week when Guild Wars 2 Pre-Purchase went live on Tuesday. Just to clarify, for those of you that dont know the difference between Pre-Purchase and Pre-Order: Pre-Purchase means you buy the game for the full amount before it is officially released, whereas Pre-Order is when you put some money down towards the full cost. So why the distinction between the two?

If you Pre-Purchase you will get:

  • Guaranteed Access to the Beta Weekend Events (BWEs)
  • Three Day Headstart Access to the final game
  • Hero’s Band (in-game ring offering a minor stat boost)


If you Pre-Order you only get a 1-day headstart, without beta access.

So obviously we’ve Pre-Purchased, and received our registration key, and processed it on their website. Coolio. Now we wait for the first Beta Weekend Event, which is rumoured to be around the end of this month, and the +-10GB download (gulp). According to the GW2 Twitter feed, they are stress testing this weekend (by invite only).

Wanna get in on some of this action? Then you’ll need to pre-purchase your game at one of these three local retailers – BT Games, Kalahari or Takealot. Hardcore GW fans should check out the Collector’s Edition, which comes with extra goodies such as a 10-inch figurine of Rytlock, a 112 page Making of Guild Wars 2 book, a Custom Art Frame, a Art Portfolio and Five Art Prints, and a best of Guild Wars 2 Soundtrack CD. There’s also a Digital Deluxe Edition as well as a Standard Edition. As with most Collectors Editions, theyre usually hot property and sell out pretty fast, so if you want one dont wait!


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