Let Max shoot you in the face in slooooooow-motionnnnnnn

Bullet Time. It’s practically synonymous with the Max Payne series. It’s also synonymous with a series of science fiction films that starred Keanu “One Look” Reeves. So what if those films thought of the idea first; when I hear the term Bullet Time I think Max Payne.

We’re kind of excited about Max Payne 3; can you tell? The latest video in the “Design and Technology Series” cranks our excitement up to “Super Excited”, which is one notch above ordinary “Excited”. This is a big deal.

This episode is all about Bullet Time and the advancements the team has made regarding the heart of Max Payne 3’s gameplay. While the mechanic itself might not have changed that much since the previous titles, the advanced physics and that glorious Euphoria engine have certainly increased the OMG factor. Hit the jump; wipe up the resulting drool; pre-order; get excited.


Max Payne 3 hits on 18 May 2012.

Street Fighter V will be free to play for the next two weeks, so, you know, HADOOOOOOUKEN and all that