Review: Draw Something

Okay, I know what you’re thinking. It’s a casual game, and casual games are, like, literally worse than Hitler. Let’s pretend for a moment that developer OMGPOP wasn’t bought out by Zynga, who probably are literally worse than your high school principal at the very least, because honestly, Draw Something is a super game and it doesn’t matter who owns it, anyway.

It would be so obvious to describe Draw Something as a Pictionary clone, but it isn’t. I mean, at some fundamental level – you draw a thing, and the other person guesses what it is – it’s the same, but there’s no board, no time limit, no penalty for guessing wrong, no desperate circling and re-circling of apparently incomprehensible details while the other person stares blankly at the paper, and basically no rules.

It's more like a show 'n' tell of your imagination. Or your childhood traumas.


When it’s your turn, you choose between three words of increasing complexity, tagged with one, two, and three coins respectively. That’s the prize for both players if you draw whatever it is and your partner manages to work out, and you can save them up and buy new colours or bombs that eliminate some of the possible letters. That’s pretty much it. It’s also pretty much meth – easy to get into, hard to get out of, and you’ll see a lot of terrifying, shameful, and completely inscrutable stuff on the way.

Like this.

The game is conspicuously lacking a number of otherwise obvious features, though, including some kind of option to save drawings or to put a turn on hold while you move onto another one. The interface design is also questionable, with the menu to buy more colours only actually appearing in your turn, and the letters covering up part of the image.

Gripes aside, Draw Something is a simple, fun time-waster for pocket change, and that’s really the whole point.

The game comes in a free (ad-supported) and a premium version, with the latter adding 400 coins to your piggybank and 2000 extra words for just $1, and lets iOS and Android owners play nicely with each other. There’s really no good reason not to get this instantly.