Last week Wednesday the world got a sneaky glimpse at Crysis 3 before anybody from EA or Crytek could make things official. A few days later and things have just been made official thanks to the Crytek Twitter account pointing people towards the newly launched website for the game.

In Crysis 3 you’ll play as Prophet as he turns what’s left of New York into his own hunting ground. It sounds as if the basic game mechanics remain unchanged, with the premise of “adapt to survive” returning once more. No mention of new suit abilities, but the staples of strength and stealth will be returning.

New York resembles a rainforest more than a city in Crysis 3, with what’s left of the metropolis giving way to nature’s course under the threat-containing nanodome. You’ll be taking on alien tech in seven different environments ranging from jungles to canyons and swamps. It sounds as if things are going to be more open than in Crysis 2, which is definitely good news. Check out more over on the official website.

Via: Twitter

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