The guys behind Space Quest are making a new game

If you’d asked me two years ago whether point-and-click adventures would make a sudden, glorious comeback, not counting the episodic offerings from Telltale, I would have hung my head morosely and said no. Now, however, we’re living in a post Double Fine Kickstarter world, so anything is possible in terms of age-old franchises being dusted off and recreated.

The “Two Guys From Andromeda”, also known as Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe, were the guys behind the Space Quest games. They’ve clearly been inspired by the renewed interest (read: renewed monetary potential) in the point-and-click genre and have announced that they’re back together and working on a new project.

While there’s no mention that they’re reviving the Space Quest series, they do say that it’ll be “a whole new, sci-fi themed adventure”. For now, there’s nothing more than this announcement and a plea to follow them on Twitter, find them on Facebook and subscribe to their YouTube channel. Basically, they want the word spread fast. Hit the jump for their oddly unnerving announcement video.


You can check out their official website for more information.

Via: Joystiq

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