The Finnish indie developer Almost Human released Legend of Grimrock to the masses on 11 April 2012. The game is a modern take on the old school, first-person dungeon crawler. Basically, if you played games like Eye of the Beholder and Ultima Underworld, the game will be right up your alley.

Legend of Grimrock garnered quite a bit of press coverage during its development, mainly because greying gamers haven’t had an offering like it for quite some time. It’s not disappointed, and Almost Human has recently stated that their game has covered its development costs within the first week.

Writing on their official webpage, Almost Human has revealed that Legend of Grimrock sat at the top of the Steam sales charts for quite some time after launch. The game has sold so well that “the development costs of the game have now been covered many times over” and they’re especially chuffed by the fact that their company’s future “seems pretty secure”.

In case all of the hype passed you by, check out the game’s launch trailer bellow.


Almost Human has also confirmed that they’re working on update patch 1.14, which will be out shortly. The patch aims to fix the following launch bugs:

– vsync is enabled by default
– borderless windows are no longer topmost
– pressing ESC closes character sheet
– fixed unlimited frost arrow exploit
– bug fix: topmost menu item don’t work reliably in 2560×1440 resolution
– bug fix: wall text translations are not dismissed when right-clicking
– bug fix: inanimate objects can be backstabbed
– bug fix: projectiles go through doors in some very rare cases
– improved display resolution auto-detection at first launch
– fixed a couple of typos
– removed check that disables high texture resolution setting when running low on video memory (some graphics drivers seem to report available video memory incorrectly)

Via: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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