New Pikmin and new Mario at E3

While Nintendo has officially given Gamescom 2012 the finger (they will instead host a number of public hands-on in separate venues throughout parts of Cologne) they’ll be hitting E3 with a vengeance. The Wii U will be, for obvious reasons, their primary focus. When the Wii U made an appearance at E3 2011 it was a little underwhelming, so the Japanese company has its work cut out for it.

Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto has said that we’ll see a new Pikmin game for Wii U as well as a new Mario game. Nintendo has since confirmed that both games will be on display at E3 in June.

While a new Mario game on a new Nintendo console is hardly newsworthy (it’s as much of a given as annual Call of Duty releases), a new Pikmin is rather exciting. The original appeared on the Game Cube back in 2001, with a sequel coming three years later. Both made the jump to Wii, but there hasn’t been anything new in the series since 2004.

Source: CVG
Via: Kotaku