Wasteland 2 is GOOOOO!

If you scratched your head and thought “Why is everyone going nuts over a Kickstarter for something called Wasteland?” then you’re probably still a teenager. That’s alright; it’s not your fault that you weren’t around to play the 1988 game that’s pretty much responsible for bringing post-apocalyptic gaming to the masses. It’s probably your parents’ fault for not hooking up earlier; yeah, blame them, it’s easier.

Brian Fargo and the rest of the team at inXile Entertainment originally aimed for $900, 000.00 in order to get the direct sequel, Wasteland 2, into production. A mere 61, 289 backers later, and the development team has $2, 933, 197.00 to play with. And that’s just thanks to Kickstarter; they also set up a PayPal account for people to make donations, which added another $107, 502.00 to the pot. This means that Wasteland 2 has a budget of just over $3 million.

The game will be coming to PC in 2013, with Linux and OS X versions to follow thanks to the increased development budget. Fans of post-apocalypse RPGs, whether you’ve played the original Wasteland or not, have got something awesome to look forward to. How did we survive this long without game funding through Kickstarter?

Source: Eurogamer