Halo 4 coming 6 November, Conan O’Brien lending voice talent

Everyone’s favourite, gruff little Spartan will be landing on the Xbox 360 for a brand new trilogy, which kicks off with a worldwide release on 6 November this year. The announcement came via Microsoft late yesterday afternoon, but after rumours had already begun swirling across the Internet.

Halo 4 takes place four years after the events of Halo 3 and Microsoft’s Phil Spencer said that the new trilogy will cover the “next decade of Halo games and experiences”.

Talk show host Conan O’Brien featured a segment on Halo 4 last night in the US. It was revealed that O’Brien, who regularly features game debuts on his show, will be playing a small role in the upcoming shooter from 343 Industries. There’s a nine minute segment that contains a whole 10 seconds of Halo 4 footage. The rest of the clip is pretty entertaining and worth checking out, especially because there’s somebody called “Kiki Wolfkill” in it which, as O’Brien rightly points out, is the coolest name a human being could possibly hope for. Clip after the jump.


Source: Gaming Blend and Gamesindustry.biz