ASUS U32U 13.3-inch Ultra-Portable Goes on Sale

If you’re into Ultrabooks, ASUS has released the first of their budget line of Ultrabooks with AMD processors, starting with the U23U-ES21. The ES21 features a 13.3″ LED-backlit LCD display with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels. The thin-and-light notebook is powered by AMD’s E-450 dual-core APU processor running at 1.6Ghz and featuring built-in Radeon HD6320 graphics.

The notebook is one inch thick and has an aluminium lid. It ships standard with 4G of DDR3 RAM, a 320GB hard drive, a built-in VGA webcam, speakers by Altec Lansing, 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 3.0, a card reader, HDMI-out and an 8-cell battery capable of up to ten hour’s battery life. You can buy the notebook now for $499.99 on Amazon, but no mention has been made on availability here in local shops.








BIOSTAR reveals their TZ75B motherboard

BIOSTAR joins the fray to update their lineup before the release of Intel’s Ivy Bridge processor family this month. The TZ75B motherboard is the first in their lineup with the Z75 chipset and features a lot of enthusiast-orientated features that gamers and overclockers are sure to appreciate. The board has a black PCB with red and white-coloured DIMM and PCI slots. The board additionally has native USB 3.0 support with a front-panel header located above the red PCI-Express 3.0 slot.

The four DIMM slots support up to 32GB of RAM and speeds of up to 2133Mhz through overclocking. There are two PCI-Express 1.0 ports, two PCI slots and two PCI-Express 16x 3.0 slot for graphics cards. There are additionally six SATA ports, two of which are 6Gb/s compatible, and all support RAID arrays in various configurations. There’s Gigabit LAN by default, six USB slots on the back panel, HDMI, VGA and DVI-out, and support for Crossfire graphics. The board also comes with a UEFI BIOS which can be updated from within the BIOS and also comes with overclocking and tuning software that can be used from within Windows.







HTPC enthusiasts should take note as BIOSTAR’s boards now have a new feature as standard called BIO-Remote2, which allows you to control the computer using an Android or iOS device through a client on your phone that connects to the internet.

New Keyboard for the iPad3 from Logitech

Logitech makes a lot of good tablet accessories, and today announced a revised keyboard for the Apple iPad family. The keyboard comes built into a screen protector for the tablet and attaches via small magnets to keep it tied to your iPad.

The keyboard rests upon a thin aluminium tray and pairs to the iPad using Bluetooth. Unlike other covers, the Logitech one isn’t adjustable but has been optimally designed for work and play. The add-on also works as a smart cover – unfold the keyboard tray and the iPad wakes from sleep mode. Once you close the tray, the keyboard puts the iPad back into sleep mode, conserving battery life. The keys sport a piano black glossy finish (perfect for fingerprints) and also include function and navigation keys for convenience. The attachment is expected to launch on European shores at the end of April with a suggested retail price of $99.99

Canon showing off a 4k display at NAB 2012

Does anyone remember when I mentioned that the new H.265 standard supports resolutions up to Digital Cinema-4K? Well Canon seems to be following Ezio’s trend by showing off a 30″ 4K display to be used in consumer electronics at this year’s National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) tradeshow. Ultra High-resolution displays have been popping up at every booth at NAB and it looks like the industry wants to finally move away and up from 1080p which has dominated the TV and digital home cinema standard for nearly six years.

Canon’s display is meant for content creation and is slated for availability at the end of this year to professional videographers and film producers for use in film production and editing. Canon’s method of delivering 4K resolutions to the display are thought to be proprietary and won’t be seen in consumer electronics in your local Makro store anytime soon. Not surprising really, considering you could buy a decent car for the same price as Ezio’s 4K computer monitor.

Cooler Master updates its Extreme Power series

Cooler Master recently announced updates to its Extreme Power series, a budget line of PSUs for gamers and desktop users that want both performance and reliability at a cheap price. The updated lineup still features dual 12v rails with OCP and other power protections built-in. The series has updated Japanese capacitors rated to work up to temperatures of up to 105 degrees Celsius and all come standard with a three year warranty. Availability should be towards the end of April and the series spans various power requirements from 475 watts all the way up to 725watts for gaming rigs with multi-GPU setups.









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