You know, about five years ago I never thought I’d say that I’m looking forward to the new SimCity. That’s not because I’d given up all hope of a new game launching, but rather because the franchise never really appealed to me. I was always a SimAnt kind of guy.

This new SimCity, however, looks totally cool and has my undivided attention. Since the game’s announcement in early March, there’s been a persistent trickle of information coming from Maxis’ lair. Sticking with that aqueous-laden metaphor, we bring you details about the water simulations for the upcoming game.

While it doesn’t sound THAT exciting, it’s actually pretty neat. Water tables will play a role, and if you’re not careful then your stinky, smog-spewing factories could pollute said water tables leading to your little sims getting sick. Sick sims can’t work, which will affect your city’s economy. Hit the jump to check it out.


Via: Rock, Paper, Shotgun

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