God of War IV has been rumoured for over a year now, with UK based PSM3 magazine citing a reliable source that claimed God of War IV would be released in September 2012. Then in January this year we had music composer David Cox updating his CV to include music work done on God of War IV. Then in February this year, our very own South African retailer BT Games decided to put God of War IV up for pre-order, sending the entire Internet into a tizz.

Now we have “Not Final” box art for a PlayStation 3 game starring the very, very angry man Kratos. This box art was pulled off Amazon.com servers and it shows that God of War IV is actually called God of War: Ascension.

Moments after the box art hit the Internet, a teaser trailer reared its head. The trailer gives us an indication as to which direction the game is heading. From the sounds of things, we’re getting a prequel. Trailer after the jump.


Source: Joystiq

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