Hop onto Facebook and go check out Nvidia’s Geforce fan page and have a good look at the new Timeline profile picture – they’re teasing the release of something wild very, very soon.

But rather unlike Nvidia, the picture hints that there’s only going to be one card revealed. What could it be? Speculation is rife on every social network that it could be the dual-GPU GTX690, but I’m inclined to think a little differently – I think its going to be the GTX670.

“But wait, that makes no sense,” I hear you say. “The GTX690 must come now to kick some ass!” But you’re forgetting that the GTX680 already holds the single-GPU performance crown and can leapfrog the HD7970 and tag along with the bigger boys. Even AMD’s HD6990 is going to have a little trouble selling the last of the stock as the GTX680 comes within inches of siding along that card as well. No, the GTX670 is coming, and here’s why.

Remember the Radeon HD7950? It’s functionally equivalent to the HD7970, albiet with lower clock speeds and an artificual limit to how high it can overclock, enabling AMD to sell cores that didn’t make the cut for the HD7970 as the smaller companion to their flagship. If you buy an HD7950 and overclock it, you’ll end up toe-to-toe with the flagship and you’ll have saved a bunch of money.

Kepler-based cores that couldn’t make the fit for the GTX680 for whatever reason will appear, fully functional and identical to the flagship, in the GTX670 with slower clock speeds in order to compete against the HD7950, a major threat to GTX580 sales since it launched. And there’s even better news as well – two GTX670s in SLI will likely show you what performance you can expect from the GTX690.

Hold onto your hats anyway, this is going to be a fanboy war of note.

Source: Nvidia Geforce Facebook page

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