Samsung Galaxy III here on May 3, spy shots – Updated

Samsung last week invited the world to join it in a press conference where the new Galaxy S III should be revealed to the world. While many Andriod manufacturers like HTC and Huawei may have wowed the world at this year’s MWC2012, Samsung keeps its flagships for special side-events, just like Apple.

Pictured: A trap!

The press the invite is garnering is astounding – within hours #GalaxyS3 was a trending topic on twitter and many sites wrote up stuff about their expectations and whatnot. Spy shots have only surfaced this week and gives us a very rough idea of what Samsung is planning.

Now on the outset, it looks like a slightly redesigned Galaxy SII – and that’s because this is only a disguise. Samsung sent out engineering prototypes to cellular carriers around the world for testing and feedback and this is an example of the kind of prototype Galaxy networks have been using for the past three months. In fact, no network gets the same one – other spy shots in the past few months have been vastly different, but this one is closer to what i expect the real phone to look like.

According to the source that leaked the shots, the model number on the back is GT-I9300 which is logically the next one for the Galaxy flagship. Its thinner than the S II, and sports a larger 4.7″ LCD display which could be capable of 1080p resolution. Nothing has been revealed about the hardware inside, but we can be sure its a quad-core Tegra setup in order to keep up with the likes of the Huawei Dragon platform and HTC’s One X, which is already enjoying healthy sales all around the world.

But for those interested in what kind of improvements we can expect, look at the back of the phone. Yes, its a 12MP camera just like the Nokia N8 surrounded by both Xenon flash and a LED unit at the bottom. Its going to be a tough competitor alright, and may even gun straight for the iPhone 4S, currently hailed as the best all-round handset on the market today.

Whatever we could speculate here, all will be revealed on May the third, and I’ll be sure to bring that straight to you readers, here on NAG Online’s Tech section. Keep your eyes peeled.

Update: BGR has a few more high-definition photos of the prototype phone for you to peruse. 

Source: GSM Arena

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