No, you can’t have Darksiders II in June

It looks like Death is going to have to hold his horse(s) a little longer because Darksiders II’s original launch date of 26 June has taken a scythe to the jugular. If you listen carefully you might be able to make out its final, gargled and spluttering gasps as it slips into the afterlife.

Just over a week ago, the launch date was thrown into question during an interview between Ripten and THQ’s executive vice president Danny Bilson. During that interview, a PR rep interrupted Bilson to answer a question on whether the June release date was still on track, saying: “Honestly, I can’t confirm that right now. The team is actually on the road. I can get back to you.”

It’s now been confirmed that Darksiders II will ship in August this year. The reason for the delay is simple: more time is needed to polish things up. The game’s newly launched official website doesn’t give an exact date in August, but we’ll update you the moment we know.

Via: Game Informer